XIAOMI Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10

Sweeping Robot E10 | | Bhr6917en
3D Obstacle Avoidance
Sweeping and mopping
LDS laser navigation system
3 Levels of water flow
Remote control via app
2600mAh nominal battery capacity
4000Pa suction power
Voice control
Dustbin capacity: 400ml
Water tank capacity: 200ml

ر.ق 499

  • 4,000Pa powerful suction – Removes dust and debris in one go

    More powerful suction lets you clean your home more efficiently. 4,000Pa suction easily meets your daily cleaning needs. 4 wind speed settings can remove dust, hair and large particles in one go.

  • 3D obstacle avoidance – Fewer collisions even in dim-light environments

    Millimetre-level obstacle identification. No more than 5mm* margin of error between detected distance and actual distance. The robot precisely avoids obstacles and protects painted furniture surfaces, significantly reducing the risk of getting stuck and ensuring fewer collisions even in dim-light environments.

  • Carpet edge identification – To prevent mounting the carpet when mopping

    When the robot works in the Mopping mode, the robot will automatically avoid the carpet so that the mop pads do not soak it.

  • Laser navigation with scanning of the entire house – Accurately plan cleaning routes

    With the assistance of dual-line laser and LDS LIDAR, the robot can carry out 360° scanning of rooms and quickly build a map, regardless of room lighting conditions, then accurately plan the cleaning route without any omission or error.

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