Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 UK

  • All-in-one station: automatic self-cleaning, self-emptying in 10 seconds. (2.5 L dust bag), self-drying in 2 hours. and water refill

  • S-Cross AI: AI + 3D Obstruction Avoidance for Object & Scene Detection, Advanced 360° LDS Laser Navigation, 3D Map Display

  • Improved suction and wiping system: advanced carpet detection with automatic raising of the mop pad, two rotating mop pads for more thorough cleaning, 4000 Pa super suction power, 5200 mAh battery for up to 2 hours of battery life

  • Virtual Home: Support iOS/Android App Control & Google & Alexa

ر.ق 1,549

Powerful dust collection “Automatic” cleaning + dust removal1 dust bag collects dust 60 times+*, truly liberating your hands .Extremely fast computing Smarter “multi-core brain “Laser navigation, rapid map building with global awareness. Powerful cleaning More efficient “sweep and drag integration”4000Pa powerful fan*, powerfully removes dust and hair. Long-lasting battery life Longer-lasting “energy station”5200mAh high-capacity battery, 180 minutes of long-lasting battery life. Intelligent interaction A more consider “cleaning housekeeper “Supports voice control and custom cleaning programs.

Garbage is automatically packed 1 dust bag dust collection 60 times +

The design of double air duct circulation dust collection, combined with the suction pressure of the base station fan up to 17000Pa*, can instantly empty the dust box. The built-in dust bag can collect 60 times + dust box garbage, with one pull And one lift, it will be automatically sealed, keeping hands free from dust and dust pollution.

Accurate map construction, no fear of dark light, slow down and light touch when encountering obstacles.

The 4000Pa surge fan can clean the hair and dust on the ground.

Suction and drag combined design, thoroughly sweep away dust.

180 minutes* ultra-long battery life, easily cope with large-sized units.

Planning a Smart Cleaning Strategy.

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