XIAOMI Mi Vacuum Cleaner mini

Brand : Xiaomi
Special features : Portable
Form factor : Handheld
Colour : White
Surface recommendation:  Floor
Power source : Battery Powered
Included components : Vacuum Mini / Crevice nozzle / Brush nozzle/Type-C charging cable/ Adapter / User manual
Voltage : 10.8 Volts
Item weight : 500 Grams

ر.ق 189

  • A vacuum cleaner slimmer than a flask : Cleans the room while also pleasing the eye

  • Powerful brushless motor efficient cleaning with dual vents : The high-performance brushless motor and the straight dual-vent design reduce energy loss and improve cleaning efficiency. The quick start-stop prevents dust from staying in the nozzle when you turn off the machine.

  • Handy to clean up : Compact, easy to use, great for different household cleaning needs. Never worry again about food crumbs on the floor.

  • Your secret weapon for taking care of your car : The inside of your car can get pretty dirty on smoggy, dusty days. With this vacuum, all that grit will have no place to hide. *Do not leave the vacuum cleaner in direct sunlight. To avoid danger, we advise against leaving the vacuum cleaner in the car on hot summer days.

  • Convenient one-touch dust disposal keeps your hands clean : One-touch dust disposal: Press the button and the dust cup pops open. No secondary contamination

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