Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4 EN

Air Purifier 4 Xiaomi Smart 32.1dB(A)

low noise 20m²

large room purification in approx 10 minutes

Smart control OLED display

ر.ق 599

  • 40 m squared large room purification in 15 minutes, effective coverage up to 60 m squared

  • 33.7 dB low noise

  • 99.97 percent filtration of 0.3 micro metre particles

  • Dust and pollen filtration

  • Negative air ionization

  • Live OLED display with PM2.5/PM10 dual-effect laser sensor for air quality detection

  • Odour elimination with high-quality activated carbon

  • One filter for up to one year of use, smart filter reminder through APP

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