Redmi Buds 3 Lite Black

Double tap left/right earbud
Answer incoming call
Next song

Triple tap left/right earbud
Reject/end call
Activate voice assistant

Press and hold left/right earbud

Press and hold both earbuds
Enter/exit low latency mode

ر.ق 69

Automatic device recognition and simple wireless connections. Take your earbuds out of the charging case and insert into your ears. You’ll hear the connection sound, signifying that your device is now connected to your earbuds.

Stable transmission with effective anti-interference

Brand-new Bluetooth core specification version 5.2 brings significantly improved anti-interference capabilities and more stable connections for seamless in-call audio.

Type-C charging port — a single charge is enough for up to 5 hours of use.

Outstanding performance with no worries — exercise, listen to music, watch films and enjoy long phone calls.

The 6mm dynamic driver has been expertly tuned by Xiaomi Sound Lab, ensuring consistent audio quality and bringing every note to life.

Enjoy seamless, clear calls with effective anti-interference technology. Redmi Buds 3 Lite uses a noise-reduction algorithm to identify and extract human voices and reduce background noise, ensuring clarity for your calls.

Activate the low latency mode for an immersive gaming experience. Effortless gameplay with accurate production of even the faintest of audio, so you can differentiate between gunshots and footsteps.

Double tap, hold, or make use of one of the other touch operations to switch between modes — simple, convenient and efficient.

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