Face the competition head-on with a lightweight esports headset that thrives under pressure. Introducing the Razer BlackShark V2 X—a triple threat of amazing audio, superior mic clarity and supreme sound isolation that’s approved by pros.

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  • Razer TriForce 50mm Drivers for high-end audio performance: Our new, cutting-edge proprietary design divides the driver into 3 parts for the individual tuning of highs, mids, and lows—producing brighter, clearer audio with richer highs and more powerful lows.

  • Razer HyperClear Cardioid Mic for enhanced voice capture: An improved pickup pattern ensures more voice and less noise as it tapers off towards the mic’s back and sides, with the sweet spot easily placed at your mouth because of the mic’s bendable design.

  • Advanced passive noise cancellation for uninterrupted focus: Whether it’s the crowd or your rig, sturdy closed earcups fully cover your ears to prevent noise from leaking into your headset, with its cushions providing a closer seal for more sound isolation.

  • Lightweight design with memory foam ear cushions for long-lasting comfort: At just 240g, the headset features thicker headband padding and leatherette memory foam ear cushions to keep you in peak form during grueling tournaments and training sessions.

  • 7.1 surround sound for accurate positional audio: Heighten your match awareness and let nothing escape your ears with accurate positional audio that lets you pinpoint intuitively where every sound is coming from. *Only available on Windows 10 64bit

  • Cross-platform compatibility for use across devices with its 3.5mm jack: The headset works with PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy unfair audio advantage across almost every platform.

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