Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Lite UK

Equipped with 450 mL independent large dustbin, no need to clean up the garbage frequently, saving time and effort.

Electronically-controlled Water Tank

3 Water Level Settings

ر.ق 499

Not Only a Robotic Cleaner but a Smarter Master Cleaner in Zigzag Cleaning Path Cleaning in the zigzag path can cover every corner of your house and significantly improve cleaning efficiency.

By combining a large-diameter suction inlet and a powerful brush, the vacuum-mop uses 2,200 Pa suction to pull up dirt effortlessly, achieving a better cleaning effect.

You can go to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app on your phone to remotely control cleaning at any moment, check cleaning status in real time, as well as schedule a clean.

Weaves its way easily under furniture with its 81.3 mm* slim design, the vacuum-mop is able to clean under most furniture including beds, cabinets and sofas, eliminating dirt hiding underneath, without getting stuck.


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