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Mi Iconic Hair Dryer H300

Xiaomi H300

Portable Mini Ion Hair Dryer

1600 W, 220V

Rapid Air Flow

NTC Smart Temperature Control with Alternating Hot and Cold Air

Magnetic Nozzle Rotates 360°


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The H300 model of Xiaomi is indeed a fantastic hair dryer that provides extraordiry service in drying hair. It has a wind speed of 20 meters per second. So, there will be no possibility of being the hair wringing wet. Small, stylish and comfortable This small hairdryer will always take care of your hair thanks to its constant smart temperature of 57 DEGREE C. Hair dryer in white, with a working length of only 9.5 cm and a total of 13 cm, weight about 500 g. The hair dryer has two speed modes soft and strong wind, thermal insulation and high temperature resistance. Plus 50 million negative ions for better protection and care of your hair.

The secret to shiny, healthy hair Ionic technology prevents dryness .The Mi Ionic Hairdryer features cutting edge technology that dries and protects your hair at the same time.

Powerful motor with ultra quiet design Rapid air flow for instant dryingThe high torque, high velocity motor is made by the leading Japanese motor manufacturer Mabuchi Motor and features 6 wing shaped blades. It generates an air flow of 1.6 m for a rapid drying effect. Each blade is subjected to a dynamic balance test to reduce the noise from the motor.

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