Cuisinart Dual Ice Cream Maker with 2x 1L Bowl

  • Power: 50 Watts, Brushed aluminum coating

  • 2 cold storage bowls (2 x 1L) (containing coolant) to be placed in the freezer for 12 hours before use

  • Clear lids with opening to add whimsical ingredients during preparation

  • Built-in mixing arms for smooth preparation, Fast preparation time: 25/35 minutes, Automatic operation (On / Off key)

  • Special duo button (function a bowl / a perfume or 2 bowls / 2 perfumes)

ر.ق 799

Product Description:- 2 perfumes 100% natural in 20 min to multiply the pleasures. An easy-to-use, robust device with a brushed aluminum design makes all kinds of ice cream a success. With the Duo cream Cuisinart ice cream maker, make two ice creams with different flavors at the same time. Quick access to the lid allows you to pour fancy ingredients during preparation. – Brushed aluminum coating. – 2 cold storage bowls (2x 1l). – Integrated mixing arms for a homogeneous preparation. – Clear lids with quick access to pour ingredients during preparation. – Fast preparation time: 20/30 minutes. – On / Off button. – Special duo button (function a bowl / a perfume or 2 bowls / 2 perfumes).

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