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LEKUE Jar To-Go 400 ml-Coral

  • 100% Plastic

  • Includes a collapsible cup for keeping ingredients dry

  • Perfect for take away soups, snacks or desserts and eating straight from the container

  • 100% leaking proof container

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An innovative food storage container to eat on the go promoting a healthy, easy and fast meal. A collapsible, silicone insert is inside the transparent container, so the dry ingredients do not come in contact with the wet, creating the perfect ‘parfait’. You can control quantities and keep the cereal dry. It has a perfect handle to take it on the go; microwave safe and you can eat directly from the jar. Fill the collapsible container with whatever you want. Ideal for every snack!

  • Keeps the ingredients separate & dry.

  • Create snacks & lunches on the go and keeping it fresh in the fridge during the night.

  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher-safe.

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