Brewista Smart Scale 2

Brand : Brewista
Weight Limit : 2000 Grams
Material : Stainless Steel
Readout Accuracy : 0.1 Grams
Item Weight : 200 Grams

ر.ق 399

  • Your Best Brew Starts Here: The best brewed coffee starts with the perfect measurement. Brewista Smart Scale II is an easy-to-use coffee scale with a water-resistant coating that can measure down as low as 0.1 grams. Please be sure to follow the instruction in the manual to make sure auto modes function correctly.

  • Bring it Home: Designed as a best in class kitchen tool for quality and affordability, this smart coffee scale helps you develop the artistry of coffee from the comfort of your own home; It offers 6 user modes – 5 for espresso and 1 for manual

  • Make the Most of Your Measuring: Additional features include a USB rechargeable battery, 2000 gram (70 oz) capacity, 0.1 gram weight accuracy, auto tare, auto time, auto-off function, and LCD display in grams and ounces

  • Protective Coverings: The Smart Scale II comes included with a protective cover / tray, and silicone pad for water and temperature change resistance

  • Brewista Brand Background: All of our products are created in-house, from concept to manufacturing; It’s why we collaborate with industry leaders and world-champion baristas, and it’s why our design team is composed of Q Grade certified coffee experts

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